Cries Of Doom

A nightmare in space…

Cries Of Doom is an entirely new DOOM game in the classic style, but heavily inspired by the Playstation One versions in terms of atmosphere and theme. The game takes place on the planet Krop Tor, a strange planet that orbits a black hole. The Doom Slayer is made aware of this anomaly and discovers there is a gateway to Hell located there and so, goes to investigate.


This game contains 42 brand new levels split up into 5 chapters, the first of which is planned for an early release until the full game is finished. It includes a few new monsters and weapons also alongside the vanilla bestiary. 


Cries of Doom started out under the name Doom Zero, but another project by somebody else used that name during this games development so it was changed to Doom: Annihilation and eventually changed to CRIES OF DOOM.